EVE Online is about to get a new dueling feature (before Diablo III even) that will allow players to settle their differences one on one without interference from those pesky patrol ships. It’s a much more solid method than having to trigger it by swiping a unit of ammo from your intended dueling opponent as was previously the case. Luckily, the new dueling feature will make it much easier for players to host tournaments, test out their fighting skills, or to just see who is the best pilot for the sake of bragging rights.

The system is straightforward enough. All you need to do is issue a challenge to another player and once they accept you’ll be tossed into a limited engagement lasting five minutes. Challenges can take place only in high/low sec space and a notification will be sent out to all ships in the area once a challenge has been accepted. Just be aware that this doesn’t limit outside interference from other players that are willing to risk the Crimewatch consequences.

Lastly, there are a few restrictions in place to curb griefing and prevent exploitation of the system.

  • A player can only have a single outgoing challenge request active at any time. After issuing a challenge, you must wait for it to be accepted or refused (or for the request to time-out) before you can issue another challenge to someone. This doesn't mean that you can't have multiple engagements going on at the same time, it just means that you can't go through the local list and blindly issue challenges to everyone in parallel. As soon as a challenge is responded to, you can move on to issuing the next request, so setting up a 3v3 for example will still be quick and easy if everyone is on the ball.
  • Similarly, a player can only have a single incoming challenge request active at any time. If he currently is considering a request from one person, any requests coming in from other people will be denied.
  • Challenges will respect the Block option in the contact list. If you have blocked another character, that character will not be able to issue challenges to you.

Source: EVE Dueling Feature Dev Blog

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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