The EVE Online winter expansion announcement is imminent. You can find out what CCP has been cooking up during a Twitch livestream event scheduled for Thursday, September 26th at 4:00pm ET. The stream will include an appearance from Senior Producer Andie Nordgren, who will recap EVE’s colorful past before exploring its future vision. Other CCP designers will join in to cover some of the new features coming with the winter expansion. You can see it all on Twitch tomorrow.


This Thursday (26 Sep) at 20:00 UTC, CCP Games will be announcing their plans for the winter expansion for EVE Online--the 20th free expansion for all subscribers--live on their channel (

Programming will include Senior Producer Andie Nordgren recapping the very successful recent past in EVE Online before exploring the future vision for the legendary MMO that’s grown subscribers year over year for 10 years straight. Then an in depth winter expansion reveal with game designers going over the majority of its features including some concept art for upcoming ships.

Come see what the most successful “sandbox” game has in store for its players and hang out in the Twitch chat with other CCP devs—all live.

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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