The intelligent folks over at Eurogamer have put together a nice little write-up of all the DC Univese Online information that has crawled out of the sin-hole that is Las Vegas and made its way onto the internet. Although it seems that each media outlet saw the same demo area, most either did not write-up the same comments or simply asked different questions. For example, one website talked about switching character stances while another was more interested in character creation.

As is the case with City of Heroes and the forthcoming Champions Online, you won't select a class for your hero, instead piecing him or her together from component parts. In DC Universe Online there will be four of these: super power (light, electricity, etc.), power source (key weapon), movement modes (super-speed, flight, acrobatics) and traits (physical aspects like strength and metabolism).

You can read the entire breakdown over at Eurogamer.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016