A Prophet Returns

The latest update for EQ2 is full of goodies. Satisfy your sweet tooth below.

EverQuest® II game update #45, titled "A Prophet Returns," brings a Prophet from The Plane of Power to Norrath to help confront a ravaging plague in a new, story-based live event. In addition to the return of the Prophet, the game update will bring tradeskill revamps and multiple ways for players to obtain achievement experience from quests far beneath their level.

Game Update #45 features:

* Players will receive four more character bank slots to work with, as well as obtaining the ability to see their shared alternate-alignment bank slots.

* Players can exchange coins and items from one character to another, even across good and evil alignments.

* Players can increase their achievement point total as grey quests level 10 and above will now award achievement experience.

* Cures for priests will see changes to help when dealing with diseases, physical ailments, magical afflictions and elemental scourges. All four priest single-target cure spells will funnel to one all-purpose cure.

* Coercers will receive many new changes for their possession spells and abilities. The possession spells will allow Coercers to harness their pet's essence for better control.

A total overhaul to weapon crafting will lead to significant changes for master crafted weapons.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016