EverQuest II Producer Holly Longdale took to the forums today to deliver some additional good news for players to start off the weekend. First, the Age of Discovery expansion is being added to the marketplace as part of a feature bundle, but if you don’t want that and instead prefer a few of its features, those will be available via cannibalized feature options in the form of the following for Station Cash (SC):

  • Beastlord: 2500 SC
  • Mercenaries: 1500 SC
  • Tradeskill Apprentice: 1000 SC
  • Reforging: 1000 SC
  • Dungeon Maker: 1000 SC

Alternately, you can pick up all five of the features for the bundled price of 4000 SC. If you just want to snag the current expansion as is, do it before October 1st as it will be going away for good in its current form.

Now on to the good stuff. Since the launch of free-to-play, players have been restricted from using certain gear unless they paid to unlock them or opted for a subscription. Those restrictions will soon be a thing of the past. As compensation to subscribing players, subscribers will receive a permanent 15% increase to coin loot and a 10% increase to mount speed.

via EQHammer

: EQII Producer’s Letter

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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