EQ2 Heats Up!

Producer Bruce Ferguson gives us the lowdown on what is cooking during the hot summer months from Everquest II.

The summer of 2008 will be an exciting time for all of us! Coming in the next update 'Gathering Tempest' is the first of multiple live events designed to give players an opportunity to become involved in the storyline leading to the next expansion. The live event, called "Void Storms Part 1: The Invasion", will offer you the opportunity to investigate the coming of these so called "Void Storms" as they spill across Norrath and disrupt the world. Also included in the same update, we're releasing a Heroic version of a zone familiar to many of you… 'Runnyeye'. A completely invigorated experience awaits adventurers who have what it takes to take on the new challenges!
At the same time, we've got several things happening in the online trading card game Legends of Norrath that should attract your attention. We are offering the chance to have your own photo as your player character painted into a LoN card that everyone will get, along with a new and quite challenging quest to fight the Shadow Beast. There are two new loot cards to win, if you can beat the beast!

But that is not all! To celebrate the season of summer, we'll be running extra experience weekends for both adventurers and tradeskillers.

With the game update in July, the next part of the Void Storms event begins, where all citizens of Norrath are called to arms to defeat the beasts that seem to be trying to come through. We will be continuing the bonus experience weekends, and the Guides will be running multiple events to liven your in-game experience. We are also going to be boosting the mentoring rewards, so that not only can you bring your new friends up to speed, but you'll get a little extra for doing so!

In August, a new group zone will be introduced: Veksar. You will have the chance to investigate how this once mighty city fits into the world of Norrath today, fight your way through many new quests and get new loot! A new event will be introduced, involving a murder, which you will need to solve through a new line of quests.

Many of these items have been promoted on the Living Legacy website (http://livinglegacy.station.sony.com/index.vm) and, in fact, all of these items are scheduled for us to release as free content updates to our current subscribers this summer as a part of the promotion. For those long term players out there,, this is exactly the kind of thing we feel that you want. Ongoing updates to the game, not only with new quests, but new story lines, new zones and new content to consume. The reason we are here is for you; we are happy to share our joy and labor of love with you.

Thanks for your continued support. We certainly appreciate you!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016