SOE has a few changes lined up for EverQuest II this month. In a recent post to the EverQuest website, Producer Holly “Windstalker” Longdale outlined changes coming for June. Some of the changes include the addition of the new SOEmote feature, the ability to play as your character in Dungeon Maker, artistic improvements to the Darklight Woods, NPC questing enhancements, core technology updates and more.

In addition, the team is currently revamping Qeynos and adding new quests, NPCs and stories to bring new life to the city.

The bulk of the team is putting their hearts into the new Qeynos. Like Freeport, new characters, quests, and stories have been added that bring new life and context to being a citizen depending on your race and class. Qeynos will be two zones given the sheer size and detail of the city. North and South Qeynos will become the Capitol District and Qeynos Harbor and Elddar Forrest will be the Provincial District. The neighborhoods, like Willow Wood and Baubbleshire, will be used in the quest content.

Read the full June update for all the latest changes.

Source: EverQuest II June Update Plans

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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