The ever-watchful eye of EQHammer picked up on a pair of recent SOE tweets for those anxiously waiting for the EverQuest Next: Landmark alpha to kick off. The first comes from SOE boss John Smedley, who confirmed that the Landmark alpha test is still expected to get underway later this month.

The second was a bit of a correction from Dave Georgeson, director of development for the EverQuest franchise. Georgeson’s tweet confirmed that a 64-bit OS will be required for the Landmark alpha.

Georgeson's later tweets indicate that the alpha will recomend 4GB of ram at a minimum with 8GB recommended. Still, these are just alpha specs and SOE will be working to further optimize it through testing, so these are likely far from the final specs.

via EQHammer

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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