Last night Sony Online Entertainment hosted its first livestream of 2014 for EverQuest Next: Landmark. The panel of livestream commentators was made up of Senior Brand Manager Omeed Dariani, Community Manager Collette “Drexella” Murphy, Senior Producer Terry Michaels, and Lead Designer Darrin McPherson.

The livestream showcased new gameplay from Landmark and offered more details about how claims will function. We’ve got an excellent summary available at EQHammer, but just a few of the highlights include claim sizes, the alpha limit on claims, claim upkeep and maintenance, and much more. SOE also touches on the extensive amount of permission controls available for your claims. So while you can’t stop other players from coming on to your claims, you can choose what they can and can’t interact with or even if you can see them.

Later this month SOE will be hosting a campus event for fans to attend and get a chance to try out Landmark before it heads to alpha. That event will be held on January 31st at SOE’s San Diego campus. If you plan on attending you email SOE at [email protected], just make sure to show up early as the list of attendees is already quite long.

via EQHammer

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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