Sony Online Entertainment is back up and running despite a few issues still plaguing the Playstation Network and EverQuest Producer Thom Terrazas couldn't be happier to be welcoming players back to Norrath. This week brings a slew of announcements for new content to get players back into the game with a bang. Not only do players have the "Welcome Back" program, but there's plenty of stuff planned for players to enjoy from the months of May through July.

Starting this month, players will have the opportunity to enjoy a little "Hardcore Heritage" as old zone favorites get a revamp to allow players to return to their old stomping grounds like Crushbone and Blackburrow to enjoy all new challenges. A list of the changes and when the revamps will be running are available on the EverQuest website. Additionally, players on the Trakanon server can now transfer to a server of their choice for free.

Be sure to also login to get some play time and enjoy the benefits of double experience, double faction and increased rare spawns through May 22, 2011. One thing is for sure, you can't say that the EverQuest team was sleeping during downtime.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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