How many ex-EQ developers work for Curt Schilling now?

According to a report by, the former lead designer for EverQuest, Travis McGeathy, has packed his bags and is heading to Massachusetts to join the rapidly growing team at 38 Studios. Apparently, Massively received word from Curt Schilling himself, so the news seems fairly valid.

Curt confirmed to us via e-mail this morning that Travis will indeed be joining SOE alumni Steve Danuser, Ryan Schwayder, Billy Ahlswede, Aaron Carlson, Niraj Desai, Eric Theisz, and Michael Woods in their Maynard, MA offices. Jeez, Curt, wouldn't it just be easier to buy SOE at this point? Curt did not immediately respond to a follow-up on what exactly Travis will be doing.

You can read the little blurb about Travis over at If you'd like to see Curt talk about his MMOG experiences, check out our video interview with him from CES!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016