Six times the XP goodness? Yes!

January is a big month for MU Online players with three awesome events coming in this last half of the month. Make especially sure that you don't miss playing during the last six days of the month where XP rates will be multiplied by a factor of six!

Now through January 22

Double Drop Rate Event - For 8 days, the drop of in-game items will be the twice normal rate. This is the time to hunt for jewels or that last piece of armor to upgrade and complete your set. The Global MU community has requested this event so K2 Network is excited to make it happen!

January 26 only!

Return of Loki - Yes, the dreaded AND highly-anticipated Loki returns to the continent of Legend just long enough to create havoc in Helheim and Midgard. The mythology of Loki comes from two places: the Norse god of mischief and the back story that says the Loki was once a powerful MM (MU Master) second only to Odin. His mischievous acts caught the eye of the evil Lord Kundun and through time Loki was corrupted by Kundun, Destroyer of the Continent of Legend. Loki now serves Kundun and his evil minions by attacking MMs and MUtizens alike.

In this new event it is said that he plans to march from the Sea of Atlans all the way to the Eastern gates of Lorencia, dropping great mid-level items, moonstone pendants, and rings along the way. This will be the event with the most prizes dropped in a single day—ever in the game. This is not a day for any Global MU player to miss, it will run twice on each Realm, so the maximum number of players can participate and there are no sign-ups. This will be a battle open to anyone who has the courage to stop Loki. For more information, including the start times of the event visit the website.

January 27 - 31

6 XP EVENT! - This is the big one... for the last five days of January the normal experience rate will be 6X. If a player has always aspired to unlock major classes and create the ultimate Magic Gladiator or Dark Lord now is the time.

Read more about it all at the official site.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016