Destiny has been getting schlacked on the internet since the game first released, but just tas things were starting to die down, several new controversies sprang up to reignite the fires of the Destiny mob. The first was the somewhat ridiculous pricing of the games third expansion "The Taken King" which will cost $40, twice the going rate as the previous two. After that was the addition of exclusive content in the Taken King, only available to those with the collectors edition, essentially requiring those who don't have it to repurchase the game they already own. 

While Bungie has addressed the exclusive content by carving it off into it's own DLC, there's already a new outrage. In a a deal with Redbull, Destiny has locked down an entire mission in the Taken King expansion that can only be accessed with a code from a marked can of Redbull. Of course this kind of promotion has been going on since the NES days, but to gate an entire mission of the expansion seems a bit excessive, and should have instead given a unique pice of gear or shader at most.

What do you think of the Red Bull promotion? Will you be grabbing a can?

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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