EVE lowers the boom on exploiters.

Sometimes EVE Online headlines read like the business section of the newspaper. There is corporate intrigue and typically a police action or two. Today's news brings to light an exploit with Starbase reactors. Apparently seven corporations were found to be exploiting this "opportunity" and CCP stepped in with an interstellar ban hammer. Over 70 accounts have been banned and the offending Starbases destroyed. How is this going to effect the economy you ask? According to CCP:

The corporations were producing high end materials for T2 production. Working with the Research & Statistics team we have established that the effects on the markets have been considerable and far reaching. The effects of our actions against the exploiters will also be felt on the market as the production of the materials has been cut substantially. However, supply should increase again once players have mastered the alchemy process.

We are still conducting operations to deal with this matter and we will keep you posted on the progress and results as things develop.

The universe of EVE is specifically left open to allow players to find their own ways to make money. This fosters "out of the box" thinking. Typically that's what we end up reading about - see any number of huge bank heists or players swiping 200 billion isk. CCP is caught in an interesting position. Exploits are contrary to almost everyone's best interests, but the players are encouraged to exploit the monetary system and player base as much as possible. See the conundrum? In this case, CCP appears to be completely justified. I bet that there is a certain economist at CCP popping headache pain meds like sweet tarts though.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016