Every so often, a news item comes along which is so outrageous I need to check the calendar to make sure it’s not April. China is known for many things, including it’s lax attitude to copyright but some things just take the biscuit.

Yes after ages in construction, GamesRadar is reporting (via The Shanghaiist) that a World of Warcraft theme park called World Joyland has finally opened.

The theme park cherry picks the biggest and most popular IPs which includes thinly-veiled (read: see through) incarnations of WoW and StarCraft. Yes, the Chinese characters do look a lot like the ones for WoW but actually read as ‘Terrain of Magic’ whilst the SCII inspired area is called ‘Starship Universe’. Both area have some sneaky references, including an appearance by Vashj, Sylvanas and a scary-horned Draenei. To add insult to injury, the promotional video nicks half a dozen tracks from the WoW soundtrack (go on, see if you can spot them) and snippets from various cinematics. Cheeky but well worth sitting through for sheer laughability. That said, I really want to go!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016