There's a new kid on the block and MPOGL has an interview with them. Icarus Studios is the developer of Fallen Earth. Get ready to shed your fantasy frocks as you step into this new game.

MPOGL: For our readers that may not know about fallen earth can you give us a brief over view?Fallen Earth

Jjames Hettinger:Fallen Earth is a next generation hybrid FPS/RPG game set in a massive multiplayer post-apocalyptic world: More specifically, the game takes place within a 7,000 square kilometer, zoneless area of the Grand Canyon.
Our story goes something like this...

The 21st century has arrived, and despite concern over the acceleration of technology, the increasing demand on the planet's resources and the growth of terrorism, civilization is plodding along at a reasonable pace. Perhaps it is the desensitizing effect of having handled so many small crises that leads us to believe we are invincible. No matter what suicide bombing, viral outbreak, or nuclear threat occurs, everyone goes to bed feeling secure that the sun will rise just the same the next morning. It is easy to sip your coffee and watch other people's problems on CNN.

Definately looks interesting. Read more to get the scoop.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016