UTV True Games went poking around in their studio earlier today and managed to find what they're calling "The Ten Commandments of PvP" for their upcoming good vs evil MMORPG, Faxion Online. A somewhat twisted version of the original Ten Commandments, "The Ten Commandments of PvP" offers a comical, yet informative, list of PvP guidelines for players to abide by like, "Thou shalt not teabag thy neighbor" and "Thou shall take screenshots or, forsooth, it did not happen." These guys are nothing if not creative.

Check out the Ten Commandments on the Faxion Online website and the full press release after the break.


Simultaneously Admits To And Denies Seeding Site

Austin, TEXAS-April 14,2011-UTV True Games has announced the recent find of a greatly significant artifact.  At a remote dig site (located two floors above the basement of the company's Austin studio) two tablets were discovered, dating back roughly five thousand years after the founding of Babylon, upon which is carved the first set of codified player-versus-player laws ever to be unearthed.  While the exact anthropological implications of this find are still being assessed, the immediate response from the teams in the southern United States has been one of resounding joy and a grave renewal of purpose.

Through a series of events that can only be described as manmade fate-made-manifest (MMFMM, as coined by the ancient theologians), the development team of Faxion Online stumbled upon both the carved slabs and the necessary cipher.  After many hours of unrelated efforts described by the team as "basically coding while our boss scribbled on the white board", the strange characters were translated and inconspicuously re-carved over the original archaic symbols.  The content of the English-corrected original tablets can be seen here: http://www.faxiononline.com/content/10-commandments-pvp

"All heretofore planned projects, both announced and unannounced, that pit player against player must be reviewed to incorporate the deeper meaning conveyed to us by these ancient tablets" said Creative Director Mike Madden at UTV True Games during an impromptu press conference in the studio's cafeteria.  "We were always destined to be good; with greater reflection on these guidelines - these pillars of conflict - we can see our games and our gamers achieve unimagined levels of greatness." 

Though the UTV True Games team will continue on in their newfound direction, one cannot help but wonder what portent this discovery has for the rest of PVP humanity.  We have been assured that every revelation - interpreted, imagined or contrived - that follows from the further study of these slabs and the commandments they contain will be released worldwide for the general consumption and further enlightenment for all the people of Earth and the majority of Limbo.

For additional details on Faxion which is currently in open beta, please visit: http://www.faxiononline.com/ To follow all the latest news, please visit http://www.facebook.com/faxiononline and http://twitter.com/FaxionOnline


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Based in Austin, Texas, UTV True Games is an international multi-player online game developer and publisher founded by a core team of MMO industry veterans with extensive experience in publishing and operating online games. UTV True Games brings new and innovative development ideas online, delivers them with a state-of-the-art game platform, and leverages micro-transaction revenue models. UTV True Games offers such titles as Warrior Epic, Mytheon, Faxion, Planet Crashers, and Sky Legends. For more information on each product, visit www.utvtruegames.com.

They are working with world-class publishers to license existing online titles and world-class developers to create games exclusively for online play. The company has multiple titles in development at its wholly-owned development studios based in Austin, Texas  and Beijing, China.

UTV Software Communications Ltd (UTV), India's first integrated global media and entertainment company, holds a strategic stake in UTV True Games.

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