Square Enix released a preview on the newest class and job coming to Final Fantasy XIV: the Rogue and the Ninja. As previews go, this one is rather light, full of sort of details that are not very detailed. There are plenty of ??? parts throughout the preview, which almost read as if Square was pressed for time and threw out something half baked to meet a deadline. That or something was lost in translation when it was localized to English. At least we have pretty pictures! In case you did not know, FFXIV now has a free fourteen day trial, where you can get to level 20.

There are a few things here in the preview for the Rogue and Ninja, at least. My favorite part of the preview, which also happens to be a favorite part of other people in the Final Fantasy community, is the part where the level 10 Rogue quest requires level 15. While we do have level requirements for milestone quests, a good portion of the quests are labeled as “???” with a disclaimer stating that quest names are subject to change. While it might look like some punctuation teasers here, according to the subreddit comments for this news announcement, the Japanese announcement lacks all of the ??? and has actual names of quests listed. It is entirely possible that Square isn't happy with the translation of Japanese to English and the ??? are necessary placeholders until they can work out quest names that work.

Outside of a handful of milestone quests with their level requirements listed, not much else is said here, which is where most of the community criticism comes from. Rogues will use knives and daggers, which is expected of Rogues in MMORPGs, and it sounds like they will also have stealth capabilities. Ninjas will be able to utilize natural energies to their ability, so they may or may not have shurikens at their disposal, like you'd think Ninjas would have. They are masters of secret arts and are highly trained combatants, meanwhile Rogues seem to be pirates, and the DPS queues only get longer.

Hopefully we'll get more information around Fan Fest, which is right around the corner. Fan Fest will take place this year in Las Vegas, from October 17 through 19 at the Rio. The event schedule for this year was posted at the beginning of the month, which states that the Keynote will be at 10am Vegas time on October 18. If the details for Rogues and Ninjas aren't released then, they could possibly be seen during the live producer's letter on Sunday, October 19, at 1:30pm Vegas time. Until then, all we have is a handful of pictures, very little information, a whole lot of question marks, and quite a few questions.  

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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