Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV) will start charging regular subscriptions for the first time in next year and Producer/Director Naoki Yoshida has posted a new Letter from the Producer telling fans what’s in store for 2012. Based on recent feedback, players can expect to see some adjustments to the recently released 1.20 patch in 1.20a. The 1.21 patch will focus on developing the job system and job quests along with the addition of two new dungeons and some exclusive gear sets.

The 2.0 client will also be making its debut next year and this will also bring in the normal subscription, but players will be charged subscriptions starting on January 6th, 2012, however, there is a temporary discount available until the 2.0 update is released. Yoshida shared a few more details of what’s being developed for FFXIV 2.0.

In addition, we’ve already begun tackling memory issues as we work on the new UI, and tasks for the new rare item lotting system are underway, too. We’re also examining some new race and gender additions, and it’s looking like we’ll be able to bring in a few new customizable options in time for 2.0’s release (I fielded some questions on this in the LIVE letter). Mockups for player “estate” areas are moving along, and we’re now working on some of those artsy details. So that’s pretty much where we’re at.

Source: FFXIV December 2011 Letter from the Producer

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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