E3 is bringing a lot of news for various games but I know that some of you are waiting on Square Enix to show off a little of Final Fantasy XIV. I've dug up some previews and while not a lot of information is available, there are some nice little bits and pieces.

Joystiq took the demo version of the game for a ride:

Once again, both the expansive environment and my party's character models had the level of intricacy and detail that I've come to expect from the series. Unfortunately, the game's beautiful world is marred by the returning, clumsy user interface. To interact with an object, you have to go near it, target it, open up your action menu, and click "Yes, of course I want to pick up this stupid page, I walked all the way over here, didn't I?" Actually, it just says "Examine," but that's how I read it in my mind.

Gamepro also has a fairly detailed run down of their demo experience with a lot of good info.

Square is experimenting with 3D for the title. They haven't announced anything official, but two of the six demo screens had test 3D builds running -- they were way buggier than the non-3D builds on account of being so new.

As always, keep an eye out at our own E3 coverage as our boys are still there and still working away to bring you the latest gaming news!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016