Oh. My. God. I NEED that Spectral Tiger.

It looks like in the latest TGC pack for World of Warcraft: The TGC there is going to be a few new loot cards available! These aren't just any normal loot cards though, included in the set is an actual mount: The Spectral Tiger. If you play the TGC then now will be a good time to start sorting through packs. The Spectral Tiger is not only extremely rare but one of the best looking mounts out there. Your friends would be envious.

"Finally, we come to the rarest Loot card in Fires of Outland, the Spectral Tiger. Our second Loot mount, the Spectral Tiger is available at the standard level 40 mount speed and at epic level 60 mount speed. Like a standard mount, players will need the appropriate riding skill to use it. When you turn in the code for this card to Landro, it will allow you to open up a standard merchant inventory menu where you can buy either the level 40 mount or the level 60 mount."

Read more at Ten Ton Hammer's WoW site.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016