FLYBOYS Squadron Launches from iEntertainment Network! FLYBOYS, the Movie, launches in Theaters on September 22nd 2006

Hot off the presses...wire...ok fine. Hot from the PR department :)

iEntertainment has issued a press release today to announce their MMO,Flyboys.It is based around World War I fighter plane missions. If you're one of those people tired of elves and dwarves...keep reading!

"The opportunity to produce an MMOG based on a flying movie that uses state of the art special effects is unprecedented. We are thrilled to be publishing a complete online flying game for all the fans of the movie and flying enthusiasts worldwide," says JW "Wild Bill" Stealey, a US Air Force Retired Aviator and CEO of IENT.

Read the full press release to learn more. You can be sure we'll be bringing you more information and news on this as it becomes available. Let us know if you think this type of setting has a place in MMOs right here in the forums at Ten Ton Hammer.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016