I was all like, flyff! Flyff! Flyff night. Professor brothers. Look it up.

Flyff just announced that their latest game version, Version 11, has gone live with a host of new changes.

Leading free-to-play online games publisher Gala-Net, Inc. releases Version 11, the latest installment to its popular Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, Flyff: Fly for Fun.

Dubbed “The Awakening”, Version 11 (V11) is a version update brimming with new content and important gameplay changes. Among the many things one can experience in this new version is the Collector System. This system allows users to gather items in the newly introduced Collecting Fields with the use of an item called the Collector. Users can take part in the Collecting Fields as a way to unwind, make money, or use it as an alternative solution to hunting monsters for items. Some other V11 gameplay changes that users can appreciate are the reinstatement of the Player vs. Player Arena (PvP Arena) and modifications to Guild Siege. Gone since the days of Flyff Version 7, the reinstatement of the PvP arena allows players to once again test their might against each other, all without the fear of losing experience points. In addition to the PvP system, players can continue to wage their battles by participating in the newly modified Guild Siege, which includes changes such as the addition of a one vs. one arena as well as an increase in the maximum number of participating users allowed. Amor and weaponry also receive a boost in V11 with the introduction of the new Item Awakening and Jewelry Upgrade systems where users will be allowed to upgrade their current armory to heights never imagined. Also with Version 11 comes another first for Flyff, the introduction of a new continent called Azria; a land full of non-aggressive monsters abundant in experience points, a virtual utopia perfect for leveling one’s character. In anticipation of the influx of new users, additional servers and channels have also been added to help ease current server strains.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016