After a disappointing end to an extremely promising Spring Split for SK Gaming, it was clear that star AD Carry Konstantinos "FORG1VEN" Tzortziou was not going to remain with the team. He had already expressed his displeasure with his situation earlier in the split, even at one point suggesting that Support player nRated would be better off retiring. SK bringing back the man Forg1ven had replaced, CandyPanda, only made things that much more clear that the EU LCS MVP would need to find a new home.

The timing seemed to work out, as at the same time, the bottom lane of Gambit Gaming was having their own problems. It had been reported that ADC Kristoffer "P1noy" Pedersen and Support Edward "Edward" Abgaryan simply refused to play together in the Summer Split, which means at least one of them would have to go. While the team considered replacements at both positions, they unsurprisingly have shown loyalty to Edward, one of the faces of the team for quite some time. With Forg1ven available, Gambit saw the opportunity to solve the problem of this conflict and upgrade the ADC position all at the same time. They have agreed to terms with Tzortziou, and he will be on the starting roster for the Summer Split, while Pedersen will become a substitute. Gambit Gaming had this to say on the new addition:

"We cannot say that our organization was necessarily dissatisfied with Kristoffer's performance during his time on our starting roster, but there were minor tensions within the team that we hope to alleviate with this roster change. Moreover, an opportunity to seize one of the strongest players in Europe does not present itself every day."

There are those that will be quick to point out that Forg1ven doesn't have the best reputation for getting along with his teammates, and Gambit might just be replacing one source of conflict with another. While there is some merit to that concern, it appears that this new duo does have some synergy and gets along well together, with Forg1ven having respect for Edward's play. Only time will tell, but we'll get our first glimpse in just a couple weeks when the split begins.

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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