If you don't know who J.W. Stealey is, and you played early PC games you probably would recognize his work with F-19 Stealth Fighter and F-117 Nighthawk. He's now jumping back in the fray as part of a team focused on the development of military and espionage themed MMO games. Kotaku landed an interview with him to talk a little more about it:

"I was at the Pentagon, and I knew about the stealth fighter before anyone, because I was on active duty and had the secret clearance, and I thought "Hey, I can't tell anybody about it, but I can make a game about it, because that's my business." And the day that it was announced, I was sitting at the Pentagon, and I got an 8 o'clock call telling me they were going to announce the stealth fighter today at 1PM, and I went, "That's really cool, because we're shipping 100,000 units of F-19 Stealth Fighter today."

Check out the entire interview and find out more details about this new developer here.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016