Former Nexon CEO John H. Chi has been quietly assembling a team of industry experts from Nexon and other parts of the industry with the goal to take on what he sees as the vast chasm between hardcore gamers, big client-based MMOGs, and the social network and casual gamer. After a successful and profitable run with Nexon with games like Mabonogi, MapleStory, and Audition to his credit, John began building a new team after his departure from Nexon in the hopes of targeting a huge demographic, spanning several playstyles on a scale never before achieved. A representative told Ten Ton Hammer that John's team will look to develop free-to-play games from light flash, to social games, to browser-based games to client-based games, hitting all demographics up and down the gamer food chain and taking on the nexus of social and hardcore gaming. Information is slim at the moment, but stay tuned and we'll deliver more details as they become available.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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