That's right, free WoW time in the form of a three month game card!

Awen, one of the other staff here at TenTonHammer is in the lead for database submissions so far. She even brags about it in her blog today that no one can catch her and has even bet a three month game card (paid for out of her pocket) that no can can top her submissions! Can we let her run her mouth off like that? Of course not!

This is where my competitive nature takes a twisted turn. I’d like to make a private wager with our readers. (Private meaning most likely not condoned by “the man”). If you (meaning you the reader) can beat me in the next week, I will pay for your WoW subscription for the next three months. That’s right. Three Month Game Card courtesy of a defeated Awen.

I'm prettry sure she said it figuring no one reads her blog, thats why I'm being so NICE and posting it here for our millions of readers to see! Come on guys, get to it! I want to see her lose some money! :-)

You can read her blog with the bet information here: On a Side Note.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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