In this case, there are literally hordes of barbarians at the gates.

The Age of Conan beta test is starting to get pretty bulky, with over 10,000 players being allowed in. Will this be for the best, given Richard Garriot's latest comments about how a large beta was harmful to his game Tabula Rasa, or will it prove to be beneficial for AoC in the long run?

As Age of Conan gets ready for launch, the beta for the highly anticipated MMO draws ever larger crowds. More than 10,000 beta players have been invited to the beta, allowing Funcom and Eidos to prepare for a stable, fun and polished MMO experience next spring. The invaluable beta feedback has confirmed the ambitions for the title, with high fun-factor and outstanding immersion cited by beta testers.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016