This week’s batch of screenshots for The Secret World (TSW) reveals three new mythical and nightmarish creatures for the conspiracy-based MMOG: the wendigo, deep ones and the ak’ab.

The wendigo are said to be humans from North America that turned to cannibalism and were cast out not only by their fellow man, but also by life and Earth as well. The deep ones are symbolic of the creature from the Black Lagoon and are mostly found at night and deep within the ocean where they prefer to drag their victims into the deep blue until they are “crushed into more edible material.” Lastly, the ak’ab is described as, “scary bedtime stories for children.” These creatures were commanded and set forth by necromancers and sorcerers from the nightmare countries and unleashed on the world.

Check out the official reveal on TSW website to learn more and get a look at the latest creatures.

Source: TSW website

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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