So much for "doing fine," Mr. Liar McLiarson CEO.

Early this morning, Fury developer Auran announced in a forum post that Auran will be shutting down and all employees will be let go (although they will still be receiving compensation for their time up to this date). The game Fury will continue its development at Trainz.

The Directors of Auran Developments, the company that employs all the Auran staff, have today called in a Voluntary Administrator (like Chapter 11 in the US). All the staff were dismissed today. Despite earlier reports, staff will be paid for all their work to date, their annual leave entitlements, redundancy payments and long service leave.

Whilst this is the end of Auran Developments, it is far from the end of FURY and Trainz.

The post at the Auran forums and then tell us what you think about all this back and forth.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016