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has an editorial done by Grax concerning MMOs.

There has been a disturbing trend in the MMOG industry in the last few years:
the developers of virtual worlds have created a crippled population of players.
These crippled players are learning to rely on their avatars more and more,
while they see their own importance in the virtual world diminish.

What is happening? Developers are taking content previously designed for
players, and turning it into content deemed fit to be touched only by the
lowly avatars: Exploration, Crafts, Skills, Selling. These aspects of virtual
worlds are now often automated. A player finds that virtual worlds expect
him to be less and less competent when it comes to anything that doesn't involve
combat. In other words, developers are packaging avatars with more abilities
and more knowledge, with the goal of allowing players to get by without these.
Let's look at the abilities and knowledge that avatars possess in some of
the recent MMOGs.

Hmmm, sounds interesting. A rather convincing argument.

a look.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016