No I'm not talking about the sugar.

There's a new Deo's Space up on the official forums. It's always a good read. This one takes on MMOs in general.

The problem comes when, as the gamer, I am unable to see what really goes on in game development. I can't say that I blame anyone for this, namely because nobody wants to talk about the things that might give them the wrong impression of the team. The words "Feature Creep" has become the worst four-letter word in the industry and is considered to be the most notorious killer of the single-player game. Feature creep is difficult for everyone because it is the "what we want for this game at the expense of what is already in the game." More often than not, it is trying to cram more features into the game rather than spending time polishing the ones that are already in, thus leading to a never-ending cycle of adding/fixing/adding. The biggest hit comes to the fact that if we continue to allow the feature list to grow and grow, we would never be able to ship the game. A good producer knows when to call it quits and just ship a polished product.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016