More achievements tends to equal more fun for you!

Gala-net, a company with a number of MMOG properties, announced recently that they're implementing a new company-wide achievement system for their games.

Gala-Net has announced a new Achievement System for their popular free-to-play game portal, These achievements will provide new goals for their users to strive toward, along with the ability to show off their achievements and gain in-game benefits for completing them.

GPotato users can earn achievements by completing specific objectives within gPotato games. Every gPotato user has a profile page, and on this page they can show off their achievements, their scores in the various gPotato games, post information about themselves, and post to their own blog.

Every night, the Achievement System will detect any new achievements a user might have unlocked. When they have unlocked a new achievement, the achievement will be displayed on their profile page. They will also be given a point reward, called pChips. PChips can then be spent on in-game items found in a special web-shop.

Read all about the new system at the official site.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016