You read our GDC Coverage of The Battlestar Keynote from Ron Moore. The man likes to re-invent the IP. Well he's discussing a possible new game. Interesting enough, he has this to say.

Moore says no one has come up with the great TV/video game hybrid yet, the game that everyone in the U.S. has to play. As a result, there's the opportunity to be a pioneer in this space.

"I've thought about doing something where you start a property across mediums, with Internet participation and role-playing video games," he says. "Not every show or property will lend itself to that type of hybrid environment, but if you set it up from the get-go to design it that way, I think that's a really rich and interesting place for the business to go."

Not to be contrary, but tv/ video game hybrid. Stargate Worlds anyone? There's no word on whether it will be a MMO or just a casual experience over the net / ipod mobile platform. However, it's interesting news indeed. Is Sci Fi going MMO?

You can read the article here at Yahoo Gaming.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016