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In this Gamasutra opinion piece, Raph Koster argues that the future is grim for core gamers and that we'll be seeing a slow shift to far more casual titles.

As I have spent the last couple of years yelling loudly that the game industry (despite record years) is actually in dire trouble in a business sense (not just creatively), I have repeatedly run into one comment from core gamers. You see, I keep saying that the rising landscape has a lot more lower-budget, asynchronous, low time investment, web-based games. And the response is usually:

“But the landscape you are describing doesn’t sound like games I would like.”

And that is absolutely right. I don’t know what happens to the core gamer in that scenario. Maybe sometimes, they are made very happy by a title like Rock Band, which frankly isn’t designed for them, but which epitomizes many of the characteristics I have been talking about (including the microtransaction business model — 2.5 million songs sold!).

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016