That's right! It's that time again. The EverQuest II development team and programmers and coders and other unsung soldiers of the gaming world have worked long and hard on the next series of patches. Their work, their effort, their blood and tears....

...are now free to be openly mocked as two lazy pasty gamer geeks sit back and review the latest bout of patch notes while making more than one reference to the word poo. Coyote and Radar proudly bring you GU#44: Island of the Patch People.

You can now choose to display your equipped bow instead of your melee weapons by going to Persona->Options and checking Display Ranged Weapon.

RadarX: This does not make Rangers any more intimidating, sorry.

Coyote: Can we display charm items instead? Because an 8 foot tall Ogre with a battle axe is scary? But an 8 foot tall Ogre with two dolls and a weird smile? Yeah.

RadarX: Ohhh is it a whimsical charm?

Coyote: Whimsical in that "Scary big guy cuddling two dolls" kinda way.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016