Do you have mad drawing skills? is an organization "committed to supplying artists with the necessary exposure and reputation to kick start or enhance their careers." So if you're an artist, these people are here for you. As a way to showcase talent, GA has teamed up with 38 Studios for the first annual Unearthly Challenge. Usually the world is not broken into nice clean lines between good and evil, but this contest sure is:

"In this challenge, there are no stories, no time periods, no styles, and no characters. There are only two rules: Choose Good or be Evil, and make your environment Unearthly! It can be extremely beautiful or hideous, Outrageously detailed or chaotic, Shockingly horrifying or divine, Utterly angelic or hellish, or even Tremendously jolly or depressing. Basically, it's your job to create something Extreme to impress the judges, our sponsors, and of course, your adoring fans - the public."

As sponsors of the event, 38 Studios will provide two judges in the forms of Thom Ang and Joe Mirabello. The contest has started and you have another ten days to deliver the goods to GameArtisans' Unearthly Challenge.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016