China Earthquake felt by online communities

Game players show support for the tradegdy that struck China this week.

A 7.8 magnitude on the Richter's scale earthquake hit South East China in Sichuan province on Monday, May 12. The earthquake was felt as far away as Beijing and Shanghai, where office buildings swayed with the tremor, Pakistan, Thailand, and Vietnam. It killed more than 12,000 people and more are reported missing. This news shocked not only us Chinese but also people throughout the world.

A post was created in the forum of Phoenix Dynasty Online and to it tells about the sad news, which infected lots of players. They all replied the post with white flowers to express their deep sorrow and kind wish over this disaster. Soon this post was forwarded to other game forum like Legend of Golden Plume and get strong response as well.

In game players also express their condolences. The whole server of Phoenix Dynasty Online observed one minute of silence to mourn over the deaths. The blessings overseas bring us to the understanding that we are not alone in this devastating disaster.

Now troops have arrived in Wenchuan County at the epicenter, which was largely cut off by the quake. And heavy rain, which has hampered rescue operations for two days, come to an end. The massive search and rescue operation is under way. We thank all of the players who participated this and hope everything will be fine soon.

To read player posts, please visit the forums at PDO.

And also LoGP.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016