Remember that silly Offer Wall that got Turbine into so much trouble with Dungeons & Dragons Online last year? Well it's back. Publisher GameSamba has announced that it will be adding an offer wall option for players of its MMORPG, Realms Online, one not too different from what Turbine offered previously. The new agreement for the new offer wall comes with three partners: Guppy Media, Peanut Labs and Super Rewards, who was at the center of the Turbine controversy.

Like the Turbine offer wall, players can earn virtual currency by completing surveys or taking advantage of other offers for products. In a nutshell, you get free virtual currency for taking surveys and being exposed to additional marketing of items. Let's just that hope GameSamba has learned from the mistakes made by Turbine to avoid another PR disaster.



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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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