Gods & Heroes: From Mortality to Perpetual-ity

Perpetual and SOE are collaborating on the once near-defunct MMO Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising, and that sound you hear? It's the games fairly sizable fanbase rejoicing. GameZone speaks with Perpetual's design director Stieg Hedlund to update us on the game's progress:

Q: As this is based on the Roman era, how authentic to the time frame is the game? Will family have much to do with status within the society?

Stieg: Well our game is a blend of history and mythology, so discussing it terms of authenticity is a bit odd. However, we do enjoy the flavor and detail provided by this backdrop a great deal, and the characters, environments and stories of the game are deeply infused with this material. We’ve really done a great deal of research in both history and myth, but our focus has always been on presenting what we’ve learned in a way that entertains. Certainly people could learn a thing or two about Roman culture from our game, but they’re guaranteed to have fun doing so.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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