The NA service for Last Chaos is in transition this week following gamigo pulling a Harbinger and assuming direct control (out of place Mass Effect pun intended). According to a recent press release, gamigo has acquired all licensing rights for Last Chaos from Aeria Games. This includes servicing its customer base and game operations. Gamigo, who already handles publishing duties for the title in Europe, took over control of the NA version yesterday.

"We set a clear sign for growth by acquiring the North American license for Last Chaos right before the end of the year," said Remco Westermann, CEO of gamigo AG in a press release. "We were already able to celebrate considerable success with this game in Europe. By expanding our portfolio, we're giving our still young location in San Francisco the best position to start into the new year."

According to the Last Chaos/gamigo Migration FAQ, not much should change for players. You’ll still be able to simply log in and start playing as usual, but you will need to register for a new forum account if you want to post. The only down side is that if you had any Aeria currency sitting around collecting dust, you pretty much lost it. All of your premium items should still be on your characters, but the currency was not transferred. So I hope you didn’t just spend a huge chunk o change to fatten your virtual (now empty) wallet. But to help soften that blow, gamigo is offering “individualized welcome gifts” that will be delivered via voucher code to your email.

The conditions regarding the transition were not disclosed, but you can check out the free-to-play title for yourself on the Last Chaos website.

Source: Gamigo Press Release, Migration FAQ

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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