With any MMOG you need a good guild support system that allows players to expand their influence and advance their rankings. In Black Prophecy guilds, known as Clans, will have options to advance their rankings and eventually gain the option to craft their own space station. gamigo recently revealed new information detailing how Clans can earn their own stations within Black Prophecy.

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style="font-style: italic;">Clan stations will provide players with clan specific missions and a place to trade.

By completing clan missions, players can advance their clan’s faction ranking. After a clan reaches a certain ranking, they can request a sector to build their own station. The station can be modified and grown with as many as 16 modules. Clans can then choose whether or not they want to grant access to their facility to other players of the same faction or not.

In order to expand on stations, clans will need to acquire more resources and upgrade modules. Each increase consumes more station power, so in turn you’ll need to find better power supply modules to keep pace with your upgrades. A clan station can also provide players with special clan missions by building a faction agency.

In order to expand its station, the clan needs to have enough resources and upgrade modules, which can be acquired by completing special clan missions. With each increase in level, the station's energy consumption also increases. One thing players should bear in mind is that modules can only be upgraded if there is an adequate supply of energy. Solar cell modules can remedy energy shortages.

Clan stations are shaping up to be an interesting feature for Black Prophecy. Something that many MMOGs tend to lack is a strong guild support system, so it’s good to see gamigo taking this approach with Black Prophecy and adding a useful feature for clans.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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