Two new Infinite Crisis characters get profiled by Turbine this week with the sonic weaponry of Gaslight Batman and Doomsday, the villain that once killed Superman.

Gaslight Batman comes from the Gaslight universe of the DC Multiverse and relies on his Sonic Gun to deal damage and to catch or escape his opponents. This version of Batman fights from range with a number of attacks to slow and damage enemies.

Doomsday comes from the Prime universe of DC. The supervillain is best-known for once fighting Superman in a battle that killed both characters (they got better). Doomsday was created by a malicious scientist that killed and revived him over and over to create a weapon capable of destroying whole worlds. In Infinite Crisis, Doomsday, like his character of the comics, likes to get into the face of his opponents and take the brute-force fighting approach by marking his targets and unleashing heavy damage.

You can check out both Gaslight Batman and Doomsday in action in the videos below.

Source: WB Games Press Release

Gaslight Batman - Bio

Universe of Origin: Gaslight

Living in the Age of Invention, Gaslight Batman uses his amazing sonic weapons to strike from the shadows in his never ending war on crime.

With the murder of his parents unsolved, the adult Bruce Wayne uncovered a vast conspiracy responsible for their deaths and many others. He brought the conspirators to justice by taking on the mantle of Batman, but continues his lifelong quest to protect the citizens of Gotham.

Gaslight Batman relies primarily on his trusty sonic pistols to deal the majority of his damage, however his powers still pack a punch as well as offer utility to catch or escape his opponents.

Doomsday - Bio

Universe of Origin: Prime

Repeatedly slaughtered and revived by a twisted scientist's experiment to create a weapon capable of killing whole worlds, Doomsday is a living weapon of adaptable mass destruction.

After growing strong enough to slay his creator, Doomsday left the scientist’s base on Krypton and traveled the universe on a murderous rampage until landing on Earth thousands of years later. There, he fought and killed Superman, who barely killed Doomsday. Since then, Doomsday has revived and sought revenge many times, each time resulting in narrow defeat.

Doomsday’s playstyle focuses on getting him into an opponent’s face and staying there until one of them dies.

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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