In our first Tit for Tat, Shayalyn and Ethec debate why men play female avatars in games. What is Tit for Tat you ask? Well it's a debate between our staffers. Or you could call it a debate between the sexes. You'll get a female and a male opinion in every article in this series.

In my EverQuest guild there was a beautiful high elf cleric named Insite. She was a kind, generous soul; always willing to lend a resurrection when a guild member met an untimely death. She also had a razor sharp wit, and a way with obscure references. We all loved her. Dwarves frequently humped her leg, but she was as cold as stone toward their advances, or any other man’s advances, for that matter.

But I knew a secret about Insite that few others did--the person playing her was named Richard. (You have to take the common nickname for Richard and apply it here to fully grasp the irony.) Richard was a roleplayer, and a damn good one. He was also responsible. He didn’t respond to flirting, and he never led anyone to believe he was a woman in real life; he simply stepped into the role of a lady cleric each time he logged her on, and let his true gender remain a mystery to most.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016