Do you enjoy using your real-world knowledge to win? Put that brain to the test with Brain Storm, a new free-to-play MMOG from Canada-based Indy developer Genia, which challenges players from around the world to take on each other by building a city and constructing an Oracle. Players will then expand their city through knowledge and in-game intellect by building alliances and gaining knowledge through in-game quiz-based, RTS & social MMOG mechanics.

The closed beta is about to get underway with spots for 2,500 willing lab, participants. This beta phase will feature the following:

  • For the Closed Beta, up to 2,500 players from all around the world will compete in a 30-day race against the clock
  • Players will expand their empire and train experts to help them gather as much knowledge as they can
  • The more knowledge players have, the better and faster they will fare
  • Players use the knowledge they acquire through engaging and proven game mechanics: Quiz, RTS and Social MMO
  • Everyone is after the same knowledge so players will need to create alliances and attack enemies to copy what they know
  • The alliance with the most powerful Oracle wins the game

Interested yet? Check out the trailer below and visit the Genia website to sign up for the Brain Storm beta.

Source: Genia Press Release

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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