Award-winning team-based shooter-MMO available for pre-purchase today

ATLANTA, Dec. 15, 2009 -- Hi-Rez Studios announced today that Global Agenda, the award winning team-based shooter-MMO, will launch on Monday, February 1, 2010. The game will be available for pre-purchase through the Global Agenda website, Steam and the Marketplace starting today. Players that pre-purchase will receive beta access, in-game items, and other incentives.

Global Agenda players will experience both co-op and competitive multiplayer shooter features after a one-time purchase with no subscription needed.  An optional subscription package, called "Global Agenda: Conquest" will be available for players who wish to participate in a massive-scale game of territory control on a persistent world map.

As a special agent playing only the non-subscription features, you may fully level up to eight different agent characters, participating in both player-vs-player and cooperative player-vs-environment missions, as you fight to overturn the totalitarian one-world government, The Commonwealth, and establish yourself inside the game world.

Players in Global Agenda: Conquest form their own groups, called Agencies.  These Agencies conquer territory, construct facilities, manufacture vehicles, raid bases, and engage in formal and informal alliances and betrayals on their way toward world domination.  The Conquest gameplay will revolve around player-driven politics and emergent gameplay with each battle being resolved via squad-based combat.

A comparison of the features included in the non-subscription and subscription ("Conquest") portions of the game, as well as additional pre-order information, is available at:

A Limited Edition Game Box is available for purchase direct from Hi-Rez Studios on the Global Agenda website and Marketplace.  This Game Box includes a poster and a Commonwealth Art Book, in addition to the other incentives offered to those that pre-order (listed below).  The art book explores the historical events leading to the creation of the single, totalitarian world government called Commonwealth, as well as the emerging resistance to the Commonwealth, and the current competition for limited resources and scarce inhabitable land that exists in the year 2155 when the player enters the world.

Players who pre-purchase Global Agenda today receive the following special benefits:

  • Gain access to Beta – Players that pre-order will gain access to Global Agenda beta events in January. Note that the beta servers are available for play only during specific play test windows, and that tests may be limited to only certain game features. To participate in the Global Agenda beta, you must register your Product Key online at the Global Agenda website following your pre-purchase. Registered beta participants will receive specific test instructions prior to each Closed Beta test event, as the events are announced.
  • In-game Items – Players that activate their Product Key on the Global Agenda website prior to February 1, 2010, will receive a special in-game helmet captured from the Commonwealth, as well as head flair honoring the Global Agenda "No Elves" marketing campaign.
  • Reserve Your Player Name and Agency Name - Gain access to Global Agenda’s pre-launch “Name Reserve” event, in which players are given the opportunity to reserve their in-game name ahead of launch day (exact dates for the Name Reserve event to be announced). Players will also be able to reserve an Agency name during the game's official launch.

In addition, all players that purchase Global Agenda have the ability to sign up for one free month of Global Agenda: Conquest at registration (credit card required, can be canceled at any time).

About Hi-Rez Studios

Hi-Rez Studios, Inc. was established in 2005 to create exceptional online interactive entertainment. It is located just outside of Atlanta, GA. For more information, visit

Global Agenda, the Hi-Rez Studios debut title, is a fast-paced, action-oriented, massive multiplayer online game set in the Earth’s near future - a spy-fi world of advanced technology and player-driven conflict. To learn more visit:

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