PC Gamer Exclusive Minion - the War Boar!

The official site for Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising announces an offer available through PC Gamer.

That's right! In this months issue of PC Gamer you will see an ad for Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising.

In said add you will learn that you can go to a special website to get a code for an in-game exclusive pet minion, the elusive and entertaining War Boar!

The War Bar will be with you from the beginning to help you along the way in battle and will only be attainable through this special offer.

The War Boar will have special war paint in the colors of your base colors.

Also of note, the magazine says win a signed copy of the game, well due to legal restrictions that has changes to a signed t-shirt.

Head over to learn more!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016