GodsWar Online recently released their first Instanced dungeon to the game. The new instance, Medusa's Island, is home to the mythological gorgon herself. Throughout mythology, Medusa is renowned for her hideous appearance and the worst hairdo known to man: Snakes! One look from this hideous woman can make a man stone hard and not in a good way. Players will have to assist Perseus in a quest to defeat the creature.

GodsWar Online: First Instance Medusa's Island

The GodsWar Online team (http://gw.igg.com/main.php) is proud to announce the first instance for their ground breaking 3D historical game, Medusa’s Island.

Medusa is one of three Gorgon sisters. Although not immortal, she was still renowned for her terrible power to turn men to stone with only a glance. Although she was considered to be extremely beautiful, she was also very vain, and drew the ire of the equally beautiful (and much friendlier) goddess Athena. With the wrath of Athena upon her, she has entrenched herself on her desolate isle and vowed to kill any who come looking for her.

Athena has recruited Perseus to go and defeat her, but he cannot make the journey alone. Will you join him and defeat this monster before another poor soul is lost to her deadly gaze? Check the below link to join the challenging instance events:


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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