Fans of Final Fantasy and FFXIV will be happy to know that the Gold Saucer is coming to FFXIV in the form of "Manderville Gold Saucer" which is arriving Feburary 24th in patch 2.5.1! Those of you who remember the casino from FF7 may be happy to note that it's coming, along with Triple Triad and Chocobo Racing. Personally, I'll be booting my PS4 and hoping into the game to get a go at listening to the Chocobo Theme Song (which will be the background for the Gold Saucer).

We’ll also be launching Patch 2.51 in February, featuring the Manderville Gold Saucer! If you’re a Final Fantasy VII fan, you may find a lot of similarities here from the Gold Saucer there! Mini-games, chocobo racing (that you’ll actually control yourself!) and even a full version of the Triple Triad card game from Final Fantasy VIII will be playable! (I can’t wait to spend a ton of time here… fighting bosses and saving the world can wait a bit!) [Source]

The fun doesn't stop, as 2.51 will be bringing along additional mini-games as well as the 720 day veteran award arriving (Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children's Cloud's Costume). If you want to see some of the details in action, but don't want to listen to english, there is the following video:

Announcement of the launch date is included in the video and translated by fans. Square-Enix has listed the launch date as "sometime this month" as patch 2.5 was too large to release all together. So get ready to Chocobo Race!

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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