GoonSwarm vs. CCP: The Battle for EVE Online Continues...

Over the last few weeks, a battle has raged between EVE Online developer, CCP Games, and a large in-game coalition of characters, the GoonSwarm alliance. In response to a statement made by CCP CMO, Magnus Bergsson, in our recent interview , GoonSwarm issued an official response to Ten Ton Hammer. We have hosted this response, along with a follow-up statement by CCP Games, for the critical eyes of our readers.

Resentment occurs when the assumed level playing ground begins to vanish, regardless of which side it appears to favor. The scandals existed and exist whether Goonswarm plays or not, to paint it any differently is to hypocritically deny that there has ever been a problem. While a collection of members within Goonswarm made a loud racket (primarily a knee-jerk reaction to the perception that misconduct still exists even after CCP's creation of an Internal Affairs department to stamp out such issues), the voices of hundreds and hundreds of other unaffiliated players rose up from all corners of EVE's universe to express their equally shared dissatisfaction.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016